I started working as a Nursery Nurse in 2008 for five years, I went on to be a Legal Secretary for a further five years and then a Purchase Ledger Assistant for two years. None of these jobs brought the satisfaction or love that I required for a job. I’ve always loved gin and admired the way it was created. I even shared my love for gin at my wedding and had a gin themed wedding breakfast. I have always wanted to work, somehow, with the spirit. 

I went on holiday to Australia in 2020 for my brother's wedding. Whilst at the reception I tried an amazing gin, KIS Wild Gin.

Back home in the UK, I looked into purchasing this gin but found that it wasn’t for sale here. This brought the idea of Every Blissful Drop; importing gins and vodkas that aren't already for sale in the UK. My dream was coming true! 

Throughout Lockdown 1.0, I researched how to go about my business idea and what licences I would need. This took an incredible amount of time, especially working around a baby and puppy. I worked around my son’s naps to ensure I was always around for him or would ask my family for help in between lockdowns so I knew he was being cared for the way I would. But the best help has been from my husband, Jake. Without him, none of this would have been possible. 

But I am now here and slowly growing my business. I will import more spirits as time goes on and the ultimate dream is to have my own distillery. But with the right attitude, hard work and passion you can create anything you want! So let’s see where the future takes me. 

I hope you enjoy the spirits as much as I do!


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